When the Plan Goes Out the Window

A great planner will know your event inside and out, down to the very last detail; whether this is your Wedding, your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah, a special gathering of friends or a Corporate event. He/she will have listened closely to you on exactly how you envision your event. Your planner will then have discussed these details and more with all of your vendors prior to your event day. But a truly great planner will know what to do if everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.

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Murphy’s Law, Applied

Weddings are big productions. Months of coordinating and communication go into all the details to make the day the couple has been dreaming about into reality. Everyone wants the day to go perfectly. No one wants to mess that up. Cut to torrential downpour, all day, on the day of an outdoor wedding. There was a rain plan; of course there was a rain plan! The rain plan had not, however, been able to include a leak in the glass roof over the ceremony, the very spot where the bride and groom would be standing. A great planner is a lot of things, omniscient is not one of them.

Calm - Cool - Collected - Communicating

It’s a hell of a thing to find out that plans you had made two months prior to your event are invalidated 6 hours before they were going to go into action. “That’s ok! I’m here to make this work!” your great planner says to themselves, and off they go. They start by speaking to everyone involved in your event. They speak to their team first, they ask the venue and caterer what their game plan is. They take your photographer and videographer aside to get their input on where to move photos and video, and they make sure all off the staff can weigh in on the new plan. All of this, while organizing your florist’s complicated load in, in horrible weather, and simultaneously making sure your family is ignoring the storm to enjoy all the pampering and prep, while making sure all the details everyone has agonized over fall perfectly into place.

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Meanwhile, you have been freaking out at the weather forecast for over a week. Your great planner knows this because they have read (and responded to) every email and text you’ve sent. Your great planner sits down with you and gives you the rundown. “We’re going to move the ceremony here, the photos will be here, the flowers are being arranged over here, all your vendors are in on this plan, everything is more than fine, IT’S GREAT.” The pictures will actually be better, your guests will be happier than they would have been in 105 degree July heat, and your dress won’t get wet. “Have a mimosa,” they say, “We’ve got this.”

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Preparedness, Politeness, and the End Result

As previously mentioned, your great planner is not imbued with supernatural abilities, despite how carefree and taken care of they make you feel throughout the process of planning your event and then, again, as they save everyone from contagious nervous breakdowns the day of your event. They have just been working for months with their team and your vendors to make 

sure you have a seamless and special event. They make sure your vendors are going to be taken care of; no line of vendors waiting for the freight elevator and no surprises for your catering and venue staff. They listen. They gather facts from the expertise of their fellow professionals.

A great planner has the skills to adapt whether it be your Wedding day or your company’s conference. They know your event inside and out and can make the right calls on their feet in order to execute the plan - the plan? I thought that was out the window? Not when your great planner has something to do with it.

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