It's All in the Details

Its all in the Details-01.jpg

If you ask a guest what they remember about your event, their answer is usually about the clever little details that captured their attention.

Whether it was the clever place card


or the elegant place setting with the beautiful napkin fold

Elegant Place Setting.jpg

or the beverage napkins that were designed with a witty remark

Beverage Napkins_How you doin.jpg
Beverage Napkins_Eat Drink and be Merry.jpg
Beverage Napkins_Legendary.jpg
Beverage and Cocktail Napkins_Plotnick_TV Shows_1.jpg

or the cup cakes gifted as they left the event

Carlys Cupcakes.jpg

These are some of the special touches that will be remembered. Looking for the perfect detail for your event? Contact us to create your unique and memorable details.