Jonathan, Groom
May 2017

I can’t recommend Heidi Hiller with IPP enough. She was extremely detail-oriented and made me think through issues I hadn’t even considered well in advance of my wedding. She is also extremely responsive even at the last-minute. She coordinated with all of our vendors at the end of the planning process so we didn’t have to worry about those minute details. She coordinated a seamless wedding for us! Thank you Heidi!!

Mom of Bar Mitzvah
April 2016

THANK YOU so much for everything. You guys were absolutely amazing!!! Your creativity, dedication and hard work made my son’s Bar Mitzvah truly special!! The decor was not only exceptional and original, but it was all put together with such care and attention to detail. It was just above and beyond!!  You all take such pride in your work product and it absolutely shows. I am so thrilled with everything you did and everything you put together.

You were so patient with me and so understanding of my vision, needs and requirements. I always felt heard and understood.  That is so important to a control- freak like me. I was able to express myself without feeling like I offended anyone with my opinion;  and that is a sign of true professionalism on all your parts.

My son was overwhelmed with everything. He took another closer look at everything when the party was over, and was just so happy with everything.  He truly enjoyed the night, he felt it was all about him and the decor expressed his personality.  You guys truly captured and executed on the vision and ambiance I was trying to create.

Thanks again sooo much and I will be working with you on future events… for sure!! I have sung your praises anywhere and to anyone who will listen. Many of my guests were in awe of all that you did. They have your contact info, I am sure you will be hearing from them shortly!

Pam L.
April 2016

Innovative Party Planners helped me plan and coordinate my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah party. I had already booked all of my vendors but wanted an event planner to help pull my event together. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. My venue was fantastic but had never hosted a Bat Mitzvah party. The party was really catering to both adults and teens. Heidi’s input regarding room layout and timeline was SO HELPFUL! She definitely thought of things that might had been missed had the event been treated like a wedding. She also coordinated with all of my vendors (who were located in multiple cities) to make sure everyone was on the same page. I was also looking for some ideas to give my party a little “something extra” and Heidi had plenty of them. Some items needed to be fabricated just for the event and they turned out BEAUTIFUL- which was the case with the all of the graphics they provided. We were able to rent multiple random items that I wanted for centerpieces which was great because
1) I didn’t have to go find these things
2) I didn’t have to pay a fortune for these things and
3) I now don’t now have these things cluttering my house.
IPP was there to do as much or as little as I needed (I’m very glad that I had them there the day of the event) and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much for making my party a success!

Claire Tuberville
the Tranzed Alliance
January 2016

Heidi and her crew transformed our ordinary school gymnasium into an extraordinarily beautiful dining venue. They also created a perfect Parisian bistro in the cafe using exquisite linens and icons of Paris. Heidi can walk into a space and instantly visualize the color and scheme the space needs to make your party innovative and transformational.

Lisa B., Bride
January 2016


Barbie P.,
Mother of 1 Groom & 2 Brides
June 2012, August 2013
& August 2014

Working with Innovative Party Planners allowed me to feel like a guest and enjoy my children’s weddings. Innovative Party Planners helped me plan 3 wedding in 3 years, each subsequent wedding being very different from the previous one.