Planning Your Nonprofit Event

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In its infancy, the founders of Innovative Party Planners met at their children’s’ school as volunteers who created exciting and educational fundraising events. The budgets were minuscule, but their enthusiasm was a force to be reckoned with. This energy and the ability to work on a budget has continued to this day at Innovative Party Planners. We have worked with leaders, innovators and volunteers in the community to assist them in raising much needed funds for their organizations.  We have planned a variety of nonprofit events ranging in complexity and size and are prepared to help you make your nonprofit event just what you want it to be, while still staying within your budget.  


We will work alongside you, your staff, or your board of directors to ensure you have your event goal in mind and are attracting the invitees you want in attendance. We can help you with sponsorship materials, customized invitations, entertainment and activities that will appeal to that group. We can assist with getting your event publicized on Television to advertise your event to the community and make them aware of your event. We can even create and administer your social media accounts if your nonprofit just does not have the time to manage the social media postings for the event and advise you on social media tactics to get the word out. Whatever the case may be, we are able to work with you and adjust to the unique needs and budget of publicizing your nonprofit event.  

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Themes of Nonprofit Events 

Our team is staffed by creative, innovative thinkers who work with your event goals in mind to make your event successful and engaging. We can assist with your event materials, handouts, slide shows and auction booklets to craft them in such a way that they are as interesting to look at as they are appealing to the fundraising needs of your non-profit. Recently, we turned a library into a mock Area 51, complete with an alien dissection station to engage the guests. Just this past spring, we set up an activity at the event to engage attendees to write words of encouragement notes that would later be stuffed into children’s backpacks. We have the resources to put on a spectacular party that will get guests excited to be in the room, motivated to share your passion and supply your organization with those much-needed funds and support.  

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Planning Your Event

As your event planner, Innovative Party Planners can assist you with increasing attendance through social media campaigns, marketing and communications; focus on your sponsorship goals, craft online registration platforms and create opportunities for your attendees to commit to your cause. We can help you with the selection of a venue, develop your theme and concept, provide your décor, assist with menu planning, and selecting the right entertainment to engage your attendees.

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At Innovative Party Planners, we will do what it takes to put on the event that fits your organization’s particulars. We can be an instrumental part in helping you get people in the room to that once-a-year event. With our connections and experience, we can give any event that extra flare that gives your charity that additional boost. Our energetic team are prepared to work with you to oversee design and marketing; or can take a supportive back seat in planning your nonprofit event alongside you.  

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Start Planning Your Nonprofit Event with Innovative Party Planners

Innovative Party Planners is your resource for event design and planning in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania and Virginia. To learn more about our event planning services and how we can help make your event one of a kind, contact us or call (410) 998-9999.  

Heidi Hiller