How to Know When to Hire a Party Planner

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Can you be your own party planner? Can you do this yourself? Can you handle all the details? Details such as selecting the party venue, caterer, entertainment, decorator, invitations, photographer and more. Figuring out floor plans, seating charts, timelines, place cards, party favors, and the list goes on. Can you coordinate all the elements and pull off this event without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed? This process can be very time consuming. Meanwhile you still have to manage work, family, carpool, after school events, grocery shopping, walk the dog and put dinner on the table. What if it results in total chaos? And you don’t get a do over! 

At Innovative Party Planners, we can offer you services that fit your expectations. Whether you need just a few logistics strung together or several months of careful planning, we can help. It can be daunting to plan a party, and to know when it is the right time to bring in extra help. There are three types of planning services with varying levels of involvement over the course of your preparation period. Read about each kind of service  and the situations in which hiring a party planner can be helpful. Know when and how to hire a party planner, and find the support you are looking for. 

The Helper Service at Your Party

This service is for the DIY person who has planned their own party and needs assistance putting the décor they have made and or gathered out at the party. On the day of your event, we send out one or more of our staff members to help you set up your décor. This kind of party planner is called a ‘Helper’, and they will make sure that everything you want set up at your venue is done exactly as you would like. In order to set up everything, the Helper will require a meeting to go over your event elements. It is helpful to take photos of all your décor and provide the Helper with drawings and instructions to be sure it is set up as you would like. While the Helper service will remove the stress of setting up, there are limited things we can do aside from setting up your décor without some background knowledge to logistically run your event. 

Month-Of Party Planning Service 

After you’ve chosen your venue, made some big decisions about colors or favors or entertainment, but you just don’t know what is missing from your party, we are here to help. Anywhere from four to six weeks out from your event, you may find that things are just getting to be too difficult to manage, or you aren’t aware of what questions to ask your vendors. That is when to hire a party planner professional. We will work with vendors to coordinate times and details. We can help you figure out a timeline and floor plan which makes sense for your vendors and guests. We will help you remember the little logistical considerations that are difficult to keep a hold on while you have so much to plan. The Month-Of Planner can also assist with setting up the décor and manage the vendors throughout the set up. Once their team does that, they stay at your event to manage, oversee and support the timeline. They are there to answer any questions that arise or trouble shoot any unexpected situations.

Full Service Party Planning Support 

If you have a vision and don’t know where to begin, all you need to do is provide us with a few quick details, so we can design and plan a party that is fun and engaging for you and all of your guests. If you have a good idea of what you want the party to look like, but don’t know how to get there, let Innovative Party Planners use our networks and connections to create an event that will be planned by us and produced by us and our network of experienced vendors, with your input. This is a full concierge service in which we take all the stress of planning and designing on, so you can focus on what’s important: enjoying the party! We contract your vendors for you and bring your vision to life. On the day of your event, our full service party production team will oversee the vendor installation, put the production into place, and oversee and orchestrate all the moving parts on your event day. This service allows you to be a guest at your event. 

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Know When to Hire a Party Planner and Choose Innovative Party Planners 

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