It’s Easy Being Green at Innovative Party Planners: Our Commitment to Eco-Friendly Party Planning


At Innovative Party Planners, we don’t just celebrate Earth Day once a year. We are committed to eco-friendly party planning methods that make it easy to be green. Since our humble beginnings, we have always recycled centerpieces and materials whenever possible. We know that, as creators of temporary events that lead to lifetime memories, it’s our responsibility to be the best stewards of the environment possible.

 We Care About the Earth

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Why wouldn’t we want to make every effort to preserve the world that gives us the gorgeous flowers in a wedding bouquet and the lively herbs accenting your cocktail? Innovative Party Planners works constantly to think outside of the box on how to reuse and repurpose event materials.

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Getting the most out of used candles? We partner with a Caitie Mayhugh, Co-Founder of the Women’s Advocacy Coalition of Baltimore who picks up candles after events to repurpose them into new candles to raise money for after school programs in Baltimore City. Limiting our carbon footprint? Outside of recycling in our office, we also make every effort to provide our clients with top-notch, locally-sourced materials for events. We’ve planned and executed numerous events that use only local food, wine and flowers!

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Our team has created eco-friendly centerpieces from reusable glassware including stunning candy displays, terrariums with air plants and rocks, beautiful vases with floating candles, plants that double as party favors like succulents and manzanita trees with sparkling crystals and votives. By swapping out the decals and décor in our glassware, we can create a new centerpiece for any event! We also utilize numerous large reusable props including a unique giant storybook and garden boxwood wall. We can quickly swap out décor and pages based on the event without needing to recreate a prop from scratch.

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Storybook Prop_2_Enoch Pratt 2019_Repurposed.jpg

This year, we are also launching an exciting partnership with ReVased. ReVased coordinates flower donations from weddings, bar mitzvahs and other events to give back to those in need. ReVased hand-delivers floral arrangements to local charities to spread joy and cheer. Through our partnership with ReVased, you may also be eligible to receive a charitable donation receipt for tax reporting purposes to help offset your floral cost and give back to the environment. 

Our Best Eco-Friendly Party Planning Tips

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When it comes to planning an eco-friendly party, adjusting your mindset is key. Instead of focusing on what is easy and disposable, think about how you can utilize reusable things and pass them onto their next destination. For example, use glasses and plates instead of plastic cups and paper plates. If you have to use disposable tableware, opt for bamboo plates over plastic ones. Instead of sending thick envelopes stuffed with paper for your event, consider online invitations. Always place a separate bin for recyclables out at your party and use recyclable décor materials like paper, cardboard or cloth. Whenever possible, repurpose decorations from things that you already own instead of purchasing them outright. Even a change as small as using pitchers for drinks instead of soda cans and water bottles can make a tremendous impact on the environment. 

Work with Innovative Party Planners

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Heidi Hiller