Tablecloths: Buy or Rent?

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One of the most important decisions you’ll make during the party planning process is what will be resting underneath your plates and draped over each cocktail table—tablecloths! The perfect linens will enhance the atmosphere of your event without taking away from any of the other centerpieces, flowers or decorations.

Choosing the Right Color

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Color selection has a major impact when designing event décor. Just like paint color sets the mood for a room, the color of your linens will greatly impact your final event’s atmosphere. Don’t be afraid of color! Instead, think of it as a tool to help your event capture the vibe you have in mind, whether that’s soothing, fun and exciting, elegant or dramatic. Today’s tablecloths come in every color imaginable and a plethora of textures. Innovative Party Planners has access to the perfect linens for every budget and every party theme.

The Advantage of Renting Tablecloths

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Linen rentals are environmentally friendly and help to lower your event’s carbon footprint. You also won’t need to worry about cleaning up the linens and dealing with them once the lights turn off and you’re headed home for the night. Instead, your linens will be reused for another event after being professionally cleaned.

Is Buying a Better Idea?

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It’s no secret that it is less expensive to purchase tablecloths outright instead of renting in most cases. Unfortunately, many budget hunters who purchase linens with the plan to resell them on a later date end up disappointed. First, you will be buying tablecloths that will then need to be either thrown away or cleaned and resold, which negatively impacts the environment. Second, every event requires a mixture of linens in different shapes and sizes. You won’t be able to purchase a discounted bulk lot of a single size of tablecloths and expect it to work for each table.

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If you choose to purchase tablecloths, you will also be responsible for ironing them and delivering them to the venue in a timely fashion for the caterer to use them. Many venues and caterers charge an extra fee for client-provided linens, so the savings will probably be spent before the event doors even open. At the conclusion of your event, all of the linen needs to be collected, counted, bagged and professionally clean. Then, you’ll have to find an answer to the final question—will you or someone else ever want the tablecloths?

Consider Renting Instead of Buying

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There are so many wonderful companies who specialize in linen rentals. They will deliver the linens, set them up and take them back and launder them, so they are ready for the next event. Buying the linens will result in little return on your investment and a large environmental impact. 

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