Outsourcing Your Event Planning

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How does your office decide who is in charge of event planning? Do you search for the parent that throws the best birthday parties? Is the person who planned a party at their last job the automatic choice? Is it your marketing team or HR’s responsibility? Or, do you draw straws to see who gets the task of planning out the annual holiday party? While event planning might seem like a straightforward task, it’s incredibly complicated to get right. That’s why so many businesses choose to outsource their event planning.  

Why Is Event Planning So Difficult and Time Consuming?

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Planning a fundraiser, gala, product launch, grand opening, corporate retreat, holiday party or any other event takes a lot of time and effort. Without background knowledge in the intricacies of party planning, like how large a venue is needed, or long to anticipate it taking to serve dinner, or what size and shape tables work best, your event might not get the high impact you want. Companies that aren’t experienced in event planning also could end up spending more to produce the event due to a lack of expertise, spending countless hours researching appropriate venues and vendors. The right event planner will streamline the planning process to save your company time, money and energy.  

Innovative Party Planners Can Help

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Whether you are planning a retirement party for 25 or grand opening celebration for 500, Innovative Party Planners can help. We have over two decades of experience working with individuals, families and companies to plan phenomenal and successful events.  

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Our process starts with a planning meeting to learn more about your vision for the event, understand your corporate values, determine the goal of your event and discuss your budget. Our team will work to outline a timeline for decision-making and supply procurement to keep things on track. We can assist with securing a venue, preparing your event timeline and manage all your vendors so that on your event day, your staff is fully immersed in the event experience, rather than tending to event details. Budgets, locations, timelines and vendor management are the things that we do every day, and we are pretty good at them!

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Our team is composed of event planning professionals who know how to bring your vision to life and elevate your ideas to something memorable and one-of-a-kind. With over 50 years of combined event experience and knowledge, our team has established relationships and connections with dozens of expert industry partners experts who we work with to coordinate the big picture and the small details.  

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Our planners and event designers work together with your team to create engaging event experiences beginning with developing your promotional materials, invitations and social media posts to generate participation and attendance. We continue promoting your brand or cause with informative signage, clever centerpieces, appropriate staging, sound and lighting, as well as engaging presentations for your event. Our boutique firm works in harmony with each other, making it easier for you to keep in touch throughout the creation of your event, so you can feel great about working with Innovative Party Planners to outsource your event planning.

Outsource Your Event Planning to Innovative Party Planners

Consider outsourcing your corporate event planning to tap into time, expertise, connections and skills your team doesn’t have. Innovative Party Planners is your resource for event design and planning in Maryland, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania and Virginia. To learn more about our event planning services and how we can help make your event one of a kind, contact us or call (410) 998-9999.  

Brooke Cobb