Party Pointer: Assembling your guest lisT

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How to assemble your Guest List
We recommend using a spread sheet like Excel or Google Sheets. Set up columns with headers as noted below.
NAME – Enter the the names of your invited guests as you want them to appear on the mailing envelope. Get the spelling ‘write’ the first time. Include the proper salutation for a married couple, unmarried couple or single adults; Ms. or Miss, Dr. and Mrs., The Drs., Mr. and Mr., Mr. and Mrs., Mrs. and Mrs., The Honorable, etc. More information on salutations can be found here.
SECOND NAME – Use this additional column for the names of children or other invited guests that live at the same address
ADDRESS – Check that you have the current mailing address
E-MAIL – People tend to change their e-mail addresses every few years, so be sure to have the most recent e-mail address
PHONE – Ask your guests for their cell numbers, home phone numbers are so 2010
ATTENDANCE – Add 1 column for each event you are having to record number of guests for that event as your RSVPs come in
MEALS – If you need to give your caterer different kinds of counts, such as a child meal, add in that column
NOTES – This may include food notes like vegetarian, gluten free or food allergies. Perhaps you want to make a note that this guest will need a highchair for their young child who is attending
GIFT – Record them as they come in
TY – Use this column to check off when you send your thank you notes

Who makes it on your guest list?
You can divide your list into 5 categories: family, distant family, friends, distant friends, professional friends. Consider how often you speak to or get together with the people on this list. How close is the relationship? Just because you work with someone everyday does not mean you are obligated to invite them to your event.  If your relationship goes outside of the office, then include them. Must you invite your second cousin that you haven’t spoken to or seen in several years? No, you do not.

My yardstick is how would I feel if I bumped into someone I did not invite to the event? Would I feel guilty and experience some regret? If not, off the list they go. Remember, you do not need to invite everyone.

Your guest list may change over the next few months and that’s okay. A good list with all the correct information will help you keep track of your RSVP’s as they come in and at the end you will know where to send the thank you note.

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