Planning a Successful Party in Ten Days: It’s What We Do

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Planning a party can seem daunting enough, but when the timeline is against you, it is even more challenging even for the most experienced, resourceful party planners. What do you do when everything seems to be overwhelming and the clock is ticking? This scenario is our everyday at Innovative Party Planners, and we can help.  

With under two weeks to go, we were approached by a mother-daughter pair planning to throw a roaring twenties birthday party. Both of them were experienced party planners, but were overwhelmed by how much there was left to do. They had only secured the caterer. In addition, the daughter was out-of-state, and the chosen venue was undergoing renovations and home repairs from a flood. So much was left to do, and having the party was seeming impossible. But Innovative Party Planners was there to see to every detail. With a bit of guidance from them outlining their vision and preferences, we set off to planning a successful party in ten days. 

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Attention to Detail: Planning a Successful Party in Ten Days 

When guests arrived to close out the daughter’s twenties with a roaring twenties theme, they never would have guessed that the party had been thrown together in ten days. Upstairs as everyone mingled at the ladies temperance meeting, a body guard asked guests for a password that had been emailed with the invitation. If they were able to give the password, they were escorted to the speakeasy downstairs. We helped the basement shine with a brick wall backdrop which hid the repair work. Flappers became cigarette girls and guards became croupiers as everyone got into the spirit of the days of prohibition. 

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As the night went on, a few guests disappeared upstairs. One of our actors, along with these guests dressed as cops and came down the stairs to bust the drinking party goers in classic twenties style. Several people were “arrested,” and everyone was led by masquerading law enforcement upstairs for cake and champagne. All returned to the speakeasy to continue enjoying the party. Head here to check out more photos from ‘Farewell to the Roaring Twenties’.

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Working on a Tight Timeline 

Planning a successful party in ten days may seem intimidating, but we handle all of the details here at Innovative Party Planning. We have the connections to ensure that your party has all of the trappings and features you are looking for, and the expertise to get it done quickly. Show us your Pinterest board, or get on the phone with us and tell us about your vision for your next party. We will work to give you a top-tier event, no matter the timeline! 


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Brooke Cobb